Patra Vadi – Gujarati Patra Vadi or Maharashtrian Alu Vadi

Non fried simple and tasty Alu Vadi | Patra Vadi in new style

Patra Vadi or Alu Vadi is a Maharashtrian or Gujarati snacks recipe prepared using Arbi ke patte. Arbi ke patte is known as Taro or Colocasia leaves. Because of it’s shape, taro leaves are also known as Elephants Ears, funny isn’t it 😄 .

This Gujarati Patra Vadi or Maharashtrian Alu Vadi is a non-fried snack which is simple recipe prepared in very less time but tastes amazing. It’s a great food for those of us who prefer less oily food.

I feel the traditional way of making Patra Vadi recipe is a bit time consuming. So I have an alternative way of preparing Alu Vadi at home in a very easy and simple way. You can call this Arbi ke patte ki vadi as Patra Tikki or Arbi ke patte ki tikki because I have shaped these in the form of tikkis.

Ways of preparing this Gujarati Patra Vadi or Maharashtrian Alu Vadi?

Maharashtrian Alu Vadi or Taro Vadi can be prepared in two ways – a traditional way and a simple(& cute) way which I have explained in this recipe and third is the simplest way.

1. Traditional way of making Alu Vadi Recipe

Traditional way of making alu vadi is time consuming. As we have to apply besan or gram flour batter on each leaves. Place leaves on top of each other and repeat process of applying batter. Then after applying batter, roll them out. And then steam cook, cut into pieces when cooled down and lastly deep fry these layered Alu Vadis.

Though I love the layers formed by rolling out these patra leaves, I don’t prefer them to deep fry and sometimes we need something to be prepared quickly. In that case my second way of making Alu Vadi or as I said Patra Tikki comes to the rescue.

2. Simple (and cute) way of making Alu Vadi Recipe – as I have explained in this blog

I feel this is the simple and easiest way of making this Maharashtrian Alu Vadi or Gujarati Patra Vadi because we don’t have to cook it in the traditional way. I call this way of making alu vadi as a cute way because patra vadi or alu vadi looks very cute if prepared in this way.

We will just cut the patra leaves and add all ingredients and spices. Mix everything together and shape them as tikkis. And then will steam cook and finally just shallow fry Patra tikkis in very less oil. I have just used 1 table spoon of oil to make this Patra tikki.

You will be amazed to see the texture of this Patra snacks or Patra Tikki recipe. It’s crispy from outside and fluffy from inside. So, this is one of the best food to enjoy crisp snacks cooked in less oil.

3. Simplest way of making Alu Vadi Recipe

If you still want a very simplest way to make alu vadi, then instead of shaping them into tikki shape just apply the mixture on a plate, steam cook it, cut them when cooled down. And shallow fry as suggested in less oil.

Best combination to serve with Patra Vadi?

Alu Vadi and spiced buttermilk both are my favourite and I always love to have these together. Alu vadi or Patra tikki tastes best when served with spiced buttermilk or masala chaas. Though Alu vadi doesn’t need any chutney or sauces. However, you may serve with mint chutney, coconut chutney or tomatao ketchup if you like.

I always eat Alu Vadi with masala chaas and thats the best combination ever to be served with. Click in the link if you want to know the recipe of Masala Chaas (my way of making spiced buttermilk) which I hope you will love if you try once.

Masala Chaas Recipe

Best time to eat Patra Vadi?

A very simple answer to when to eat or best time to eat Patra Vadi, I would say, is all season and any time of the day whether it’s breakfast, snacks, lunch or dinner time. However, we need to have the right combination based on time of the day when we eat Alu Vadi.

You can have this Patra tikki in breakfast or as snacks. If you are having it for breakfast, then you can avoid serving with buttermilk and can serve alu vadi with chutney or sauces. If you eat Patra Vadi in snacks or during lunch hours then this Patra Tikki can be eaten with buttermilk. Finally, if you want to eat Alu Vadi in dinner, still you can have with buttermilk. It’s ok to have buttermilk in the night sometimes. However, Ayurveda suggest not to have curd and buttermilk in the night hours.

Prefer to watch videos? You can watch Patra Vadi recipe on FoodQuench’s YouTube Channel too.

Patra Vadi – Gujarati Patra Vadi or Maharashtrian Alu Vadi

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 20 min Total Time 25 mins
Servings: 3
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Gujarati Patra Vadi or Maharashtrian Alu Vadi is a non fried snack which is simple recipe prepared in very less time but tastes amazing. So, it's great food for all of us and specially those who prefer less oily food.

Ingredients for Patra Vadi (Alu Vadi)

Ingredients for Alu Vadi Tadka (or Tempering)

Cooking Method for Alu Vadi or Patra Vadi

Off On

  1. Wash Arbi leaves

    Wash arbi leaves very well.  Arrange leaves and cut into thin strips.

    Patra Vadi Alu Vadi
  2. Mix Spices

    Then add all below spices.

    • Red Chilli Powder
    • Turmeric Powder
    • Coriander Powder
    • Cumin powder
    Patra Vadi Alu Vadi
  3. Later add below ingredients and mix by adding little water.

    • Rice flour
    • Salt
    • Gram Flour(besan)
    • Tamarind and jaggery pulp
    Patra Vadi Alu Vadi
  4. Then add eno powder and just few drops of water on it to activate eno. Adding eno makes patra vadi fluffy.

    Patra Vadi Alu Vadi
  5. Mix everything once after adding eno.

    Patra Vadi Alu Vadi
  6. Make tikkis

    Take a portion of mixture and flatten it into tikki shape. Prepare all tikkis in similar way.

    Patra Vadi Alu Vadi
  7. Apply oil on the steamer plate and place all tikkis to steam.

    Patra Vadi Alu Vadi
  8. Steal Alu Vadi

    Steam cook Alu Vadi or tikkis for 15 minutes on medium flame.

    Patra Vadi Alu Vadi
  9. After 15 minutes, check with knife if tikkis are cooked. If needed steam for few more minutes.

    Patra Vadi Alu Vadi
  10. Shallow fry tikkis

    Heat a pan and add oil to it and place all tikkis to shallow fry. 

    Patra Vadi Alu Vadi
  11. Shallow fry tikkis from both sides. So they will become crispy from outside and eno makes alu vadi fluffy from inside.

    Patra Vadi Alu Vadi
  12. Prepare tadka

    Then later move all patra tikkis to one side of the pan.  And let's prepare tadka in very less oil.

    • In the same pan add just little oil,  mustard seeds to it.
    • Allow mustard seeds to crackle and then add turmeric powder, asafoetida, sesame and mix well. 
    Patra Vadi Alu Vadi
  13. Later mix tikkis into the sesame tadka we prepared. Then finally, sprinkle finely chopped coriander and give it a mix. 

    Patra Vadi Alu Vadi
    Once done, take out Alu Vadi (Patra Vadi) for serving and serve with Buttermilk.
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