Gujarati Dhebra | Bajra Methi Dhebra Recipe | Winter Special Recipe

Dhebra Recipe | Bajra Methi Dhebra
Bajra Methi Dhebra pinit

Dhebra recipe is a Gujarati recipe, kind of just another form of Gujarati Thepla recipe. Dhebra is generally made up from bajra flour (bajre ka aata), wheat flour and veggies like methi, palak, lauki etc., while thepla recipe is prepared from wheat flour. If you haven’t tried these before, then believe me, both Dhebra and Theple tastes awesome and are healthy and nutritious foods.

This Dhebra recipe which I am going to show you, is a Bajra Methi Dhebra recipe. As the recipe name suggests, this Debra is made up from bajra (or millet flour) and methi (or fenugreek leaves) with blend of few other ingredients which makes this Methi Dhebra or Methi Bajra Dhebra brilliant.

Bajra Methi Dhebra

There are some foods which are generally consumed during winter season as they are warm in nature – bajra and dates are few of them. Gond laddu is also a member of the winter food family. I will share recipe of Gond Laddu as well sometime soon.

We can prepare different recipes using bajra like bajra roti, bajra cheela, cutlets, bajra dhebra and many more. So, here we are with Methi Bajra Dhebra recipe which is really a good choice to include Bajra or Millet in our meals during winter.

I am not revealing all other ingredients here yet but we will see them with detailed Bajra Dhebra recipe quickly. However, before we check the complete recipe, just small tips from me are that – I have used little bit of jaggery for this Dhebra recipe which is must I would say after research and few trials of the recipe. Don’t worry Dhebra is not sweet recipe, adding jaggery enhances the taste of Dhebra recipe. Another very important note is don’t use sour curd (khatta dahi). It makes Dhebra sour and it won’t be tasty.

This Methi Dhebra or Bajra Dhebra tastes amazing and if you try it once I am sure you will love this recipe and will become a fan of this recipe, the way I have become.

Combination of bajra and methi makes this Bajra Methi Dhebra very tasty and nutritious. Serve Dhebra with some curd, pickle or chutney of your choice. I have served this Methi Dhebra with curd and home made amla pickle. We can also use fresh home made makkhan along with Dhebra for best combination.

If you like the recipe, please share with your friends and leave your feedbacks. I would be glad to hear from you 😊 .

Bajra Methi Dhebra

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Gujarati Dhebra | Bajra Methi Dhebra Recipe | Winter Special Recipe

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 20 min Total Time 30 mins Servings: 5 Best Season: Winter


Dhebra recipe tastes amazing. Dhebra is Gujarati recipe a kind of Gujarati thepla made from bajra flour, methi, wheat flour with few other ingredients.

Ingredients For Bajra Methi Dhebra

Cooking method for Bajra Methi Dhebra Recipe

  1. Rinse fenugreek leaves, coriander, chilli, ginger and garlic.

  2. Finely chop fenugreek leaves and coriander.

  3. Grind green chilli, ginger and garlic.

    Just grinding 1 tablespoon ginger, garlic, chilli won't be a good idea. You can grind more and refrigerate it and use later whenever needed in other recipes. Also, you can add little salt, lemon juice and some tadka to the crushed chilli, garlic paste and serve as spicy side chutney, if you like raw chilies.
  4. Take a large mixing bowl, add bajra flour and wheat flour to it.

    Bajra Methi Dhebra
  5. Add finely chopped fenugreek leaves and coriander to it. Crush carom seeds using both your hands which helps to blend its aroma in the dough.

    Bajra Methi Dhebra
  6. Now add all other ingredients - sesame, crushed ginger chilli garlic, turmeric powder, asafoetida, jaggery water, salt ½ tablespoon of ghee and curd.

    Bajra Methi Dhebra
  7. Mix all ingredients well and form soft dough.

    Bajra Methi Dhebra
  8. Divide dough equally into small portions and flatten like tikkis.

    Bajra Methi Dhebra
  9. Take a portion of dough and sprinkle some dry wheat flour.

    Bajra Methi Dhebra
  10. Heat a tawa and simultaneously roll out dough portion to a medium thickness roti / chapati.

    Bajra Methi Dhebra
  11. Place rolled out roti on hot tawa.

    As these are mini dhebra (I like to make them small), I have placed 3 dhebra at a time for cooking which saves some time.
  12. When cooked on a side, flip over and apply ghee. Cook on the other side too by applying ghee.

    Bajra Methi Dhebra
  13. Dhebra is ready now. Similarly, cook all remaining bajra methi dhebra.

    Bajra Methi Dhebra
  14. Serve with your favourite pickle or chutney.

    Bajra Methi Dhebra
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