Beetroot Cutlet Recipe – No onion, No garlic, Vegan Friendly

Beetroot Recipe | Vegan Friendly Beetroot Cutlet Recipe | Beetroot Tikki Recipe
Beetroot Cutlet pinit

This Beetroot Cutlet Recipe doesn’t contain onion or garlic, but it still tastes awesome. We always don’t have to include onion or garlic to make the recipes tasty. Recipes can be tasty without onion and garlic too.

Beetroot cutlet recipe is suitable for vegans. The people who don’t eat onion and garlic, and also those who are vegans can enjoy this crispy and delicious beetroot cutlets. Though this Beetroot tikki doesn’t contain onion or garlic, but I have used some slices of onion while serving along with coconut chutney which is completely optional.

Beetroot Cutlet

I love eating raw beetroot as salad and I also like to use it in other recipes too. The color of the recipe looks very nice when we include beetroot to any recipes. I have used poha and potato to give a good combination and texture to the cutlets along with few other ingredients. One important ingredient is required for any cutlets recipe – that’s semolina or rawa (suji).

These cutlets are not deep fried at all. I have used just few tablespoons of oil to make these Beetroot Cutlets. I love most types of cutlets but I like these Beetroot tikkis or cutlets the most because of the dark pink or reddish color.

These Beetroot Cutlets can be a good choice to have as evening snacks or these can be a special treat to you and family during rainy days. However, we can have these cutlets anytime. Don’t wait, and make these delicious and crispy Beetroot cutlets. Check my other snacks recipes too, I am sure you will like those too – Potato Bread Roll recipe,

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Let’s start to prepare Beetroot Cutlet Recipe now.

Beetroot Cutlet Recipe – No onion, No garlic, Vegan Friendly

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 20 min Cook Time 20 min Total Time 40 mins
Servings: 4
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Beetroot cutlet recipe is nice crunchy and crisp cutlet recipe with full of nutrients. It can be good evening snacks recipe especially in monsoon.

Ingredients For Beetroot Cutlet Recipe

Cooking method for Beetroot Cutlet Recipe

  1. Rinse potatoes, beetroot, green chilies and coriander.

  2. Pressure cook potatoes for 3 to 4 whistles or on steamer until they become soft. Take out and when potatoes are warm (not too hot), peel off potatoes and mash them.

    Beetroot Cutlet
  3. Peel off beetroot and grate. Finely chop green chilies and coriander.

  4. Take poha to mixing bowl and rinse 2 to 3 times.

    Beetroot Cutlet
  5. Leave just some water in poha, it will become fluffy.

    Beetroot Cutlet
  6. Now add all ingredients to poha except semolina and oil.

    Beetroot Cutlet
  7. Mix all ingredients well to form a thick dough.

    Beetroot Cutlet
  8. Now take a portion of dough and shape tikkis into heart-shaped cutlets or the shape you like. (They look really cute, isn't it 😘 )

    Beetroot Cutlet
  9. Lastly sprinkle semolina on cutlets and press gently, so semolina sticks nicely. Semolina is contributing to make cutlets look more prettier.

    Beetroot Cutlet
  10. Heat non stick pan or tawa, add a tablespoon of oil. Place cutlets and allow it to cook on medium heat until they become crisp on one side.

    Beetroot Cutlet
  11. Then flip over to other side and drizzle another tablespoon of oil around all tikkis. Cook on other side too until cutlets turn crisp.

    Beetroot Cutlet
  12. Crispy beetroot cutlets (or beetroot tikkis) are ready. Similarly, cook another slot of cutlets using remaining two tablespoons of oil.

    Beetroot Cutlet
  13. I have served Beetroot Cutlet with coconut chutney. The combination of coconut chutney enhances the taste of beetroot cutlet. But, you can use tomato ketchup too or any other sauces and dips.

    Beetroot Cutlet
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