Condensed Milk – Thick, Sweetened and Homemade Recipe

Condensed Milk | How to make condensed milk it at home
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Condensed Milk is thickened sweet milk from which water has been completely removed and evaporated. We get this tasty Condensed milk from boiling milk and sugar together.

Worried to prepare Condensed milk at home?

Don’t worry, it is an easy process but yes, very time consuming. We just need two basic ingredients – milk and sugar, and along with that – lots of patience.

We may think that condensed milk is easily available in the market then why to spend few mins or an hour just to prepare condensed milk. There is a reason behind every effort you spend in preparing something whether it’s a food recipe, a toy, decorative items or even things like your own built blog app (just like this one I have, FoodQuench 🙂 ) – and that is Happiness and Smile we get on our faces after achieving something we like.

If you are a person just like that, I am sure you definitely enjoy the process involved in doing what you like.It’s definitely worth to prepare Condensed milk recipe at home as there are no added preservatives and it can last up to few weeks when you keep it in your fridge / refrigerator.

Condensed milk enhances the taste of sweets, desserts and transforms a sweet dish completely. It would not be advisable to have it in large quantity as it is fully loaded with Sugar. But, can be eaten in smaller portion as a cheat meal to have some delicious taste. You may also cook Coconut Burfi, Rawa Laddoo, Phirni, Seviya Kheer and many more using Condensed Milk and you will definitely see the difference in the taste.

You may also check my Kesar Phirni recipe, which I prepared using condensed milk for sweetness instead of sugar. Back in times when I prepared Kesar Phirni, I used readymade condensed milk but with time and my cooking experiments I learned to prepare delicious condensed milk at home easily.

Kesar Phirni

To check many more such tasty food recipes, you may also visit FoodQuench’s YouTube Channel. And if you are a sweets dishes lover like me then you will find plenty of such Tasty Dessert Recipes at FoodQuench.

Condensed Milk – Thick, Sweetened and Homemade Recipe

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 45 min Total Time 50 mins
Servings: 4
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Let's learn the recipe about how to make Condensed Milk at home with no added preservatives. Use this thick sweetened condensed milk to prepare sweets and desserts.

Ingredients for Sweetened Condensed Milk Recipe at home

Cooking method for no added preservatives Condensed Milk recipe

Let’s prepare rich creamy Condensed Milk at home.

  1. Add milk and sugar to the large kadhai / vessel.

  2. Keep stirring so sugar gets dissolved completely, it will take 5 to 7 minutes.

  3. Now wait until milk gets to a boil.

  4. Leave the milk to boil until it reduces to half. But, make sure to keep stirring while milk is boiling. We need patience, as this process is time consuming. But, outcome would be definitely worth it.

  5. Once it reduces to half we have to boil milk for few more (3 to 4) minutes.

  6. Now turn off the flame and let it cool.

  7. Once we turn off the flame just after few mins we can see small granules have formed.

  8. Just grind in the mixer to get smooth condensed milk like readymade condensed milk or we can enjoy condense milk with granules. It tastes nice with granules too.

  9. Use this delicious homemade Condensed Milk to prepare sweets / desserts at home or you may just have few spoons of it to satisfy your sweet tooth 😀 .

    Condensed Milk Recipe
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