Cook Instant Veg Pizza at Home | A Quick Pizza Recipe Without Oven

Instant Veg Pizza Recipe on Tawa
Instant Veg Pizza without Oven pinit

Most of us love to eat Pizza and are used to of visiting pizza outlets or order pizza online. But once in a while let’s be creative and try something new with ease at home. This pizza recipe is for those times, an instant veg pizza recipe cooked without using an oven.

This veg pizza recipe can be cooked on Tawa and there is no need of an oven. More importantly, this pizza can be prepared easily and just in a few minutes. There is no need to knead dough and rest dough for hours as we will be using ready-made pizza base for this quick and easy instant veg tawa pizza.

Veg Pizza Recipe without Oven

You can choose Pizza toppings as per your choice. However, I do recommend you to try the veggies I have used in this quick veg pizza recipe because the taste of pizza turns out amazing with such simple choice of vegetables.

We can make any recipes healthier by choosing ingredients wisely. So, even though we are having a fast food recipe, we are choosing the healthy vegetables and making this pizza recipe a healthier option. I have used cabbage, capsicum (green bell pepper), sweet corn and carrots for veg pizza toppings.

You can even add toppings like jalapeño, olives etc., if you like. We don’t really need a pizza sauce to enjoy this recipe. This instant veg pizza turns out very tasty even without pizza sauce as we are replacing pizza sauce with regular tomato ketchup and green mint chutney. Regular tomato sauce maintains sweet and tangy taste while green mint chutney enhances the taste because of its mint flavour and spiciness.Let’s not wait any further and quickly check the recipe for how to cook this Instant Veg Pizza on tawa.

Check out this simple step by step video for preparing Veg Pizza on Tawa at home.

To check many more such tasty food recipes in video formats, you can also visit FoodQuench’s YouTube Channel.

Cook Instant Veg Pizza at Home | A Quick Pizza Recipe Without Oven

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 30 min Total Time 40 mins
Servings: 4
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


This instant veg tawa pizza recipe is quite quick one to prepare and can be ready just in few minutes. Follow these easy steps to cook veg pizza at home instantly without much hassels.

Ingredients for Instant Veg Pizza Recipe

Cooking method for Instant Veg Pizza Recipe

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  1. Heat a pan and then add just ½ tbsp butter to it. Immediately add turmeric and mix.

    Instant Veg Pizza
  2. Now transfer cabbage to the butter and give it a stir.

  3. Later add sliced capsicum and again mix.

    Instant Veg Pizza
    We just need to saute all veggies just for some time and not overcook as crunchy texture of veggies gives nice taste to veg pizza.
  4. Now add boiled sweet corn, grated cabbage, black pepper powder, red chilli powder and mix all the ingredients. Using fresh black pepper powder gives a nice aroma to the veg pizza. So don't skip adding black pepper powder.

    Instant Veg Pizza
  5. Don't overcook the veggies. As when we add salt it will also make veggies softer.

  6. Once veggies are slightly sauted (but still crunchy), add salt and mix well.

  7. Pizza topping is ready, let's quickly prepare pizza.

    Instant Veg Pizza
    Allow pizza topping to cool down (keep under fan if required), so that cabbage won't leave excess water otherwise veggies will become moist.
  8. Heat a tawa or pan. Spread some butter and roast pizza base (make top side slight crispier) as bottom side of pizza base will be cooked when we arrange toppings.

  9. Prick top side of pizza base with a fork.

    Instant Veg Pizza
    1. Pricking ensures mint chutney flavour reaches to inside layer of the pizza base. 2. Make sure to lower the flame then prick and arrange toppings. Otherwise pizza bottom will get burnt.
  10. Apply mint chutney, tomato ketchup and place a spoonful of veggie toppings (or as needed).

    Instant Veg Pizza
  11. Sprinkle some diced mozzarella cheese and some processed cheese.

    Instant Veg Pizza
  12. Cover it with a lid and allow to cook until cheese melts.

    Instant Veg Pizza
  13. Once cheese is melted and pizza base is crisp, cut into required shape.

    Instant Veg Pizza
  14. Instant Veg cheese pizza on tawa is ready for serving.

    Instant Veg Pizza
  15. This homemade Instant Veg Cheese Pizza without oven is a balance of fast food and healthy food as we have used lots of veggies as toppings. I hope you will love this veg cheese pizza recipe and will give it a try.

    Instant Veg Pizza
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