Kalakand Recipe – Delicious and Instant Kalakand Recipe

Homemade Kalakand Recipe
Kalakand pinit

Kalakand recipe is an Indian dessert recipe and was originated in Rajasthan’s city named Alwar. It is prepared from chenna or paneer (cottage cheese) and sugar. Kalakand is also prepared by reducing milk and sugar together but that process is quite time consuming.

It is said that originally kalakand was an accidental recipe. Milk was spoiled and the person (Halwai) has made the recipe out of the spoiled milk. Thankful to the great chef who gave us this delicious kalakand recipe. 😁


I remember the way we were having Kalakand was whenever milk would spoil, we add sugar to it and cook until it thickens. We enjoyed that version of Kalakand as well because those times there were not many recipe shows for guidance until Khana Khazana started and Sanjeev Kapoor became the most favourite chef for most of the people and he is still my favourite 😊.

Making Kalakand Using Paneer

The traditional way of preparing Kalakand is that we curdle the milk by adding vinegar, lemon juice or citric acid and prepare chenna first by heating that milk, but it is quite a time consuming process. If we need instant kalakand then we have to use paneer instead, it’s a shortcut method. Though this recipe is instant for many of you, as you might use ready-made paneer. But, it wasn’t an instant recipe for me because I prepared chenna at home few hours before I had planned to make this recipe.

For this kalakand recipe, I have used homemade chenna (or crumbled paneer). Here is my recipe on how to make paneer at home which I posted some time earlier. In this recipe you just have to avoid setting paneer and use paneer in its crumbled form (chenna). You can use ready-made paneer also. If you choose to prepare chenna at home then in that process we don’t need to wait for paneer to set which takes about 4 hours. Chenna is crumbled form of paneer, the only thing is that we need to make sure we squeeze out excess water from chenna after we transfer chenna to muslin cloth.

This delicious Instant Kalakand recipe or Kalakand Burfi melts in mouth and tastes super awesome. This is a must try recipe and just takes about half an hour. Try this recipe at your home and share the joy with your loved ones. I am sure you will love this.

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Kalakand Recipe – Delicious and Instant Kalakand Recipe

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 30 min Total Time 40 mins
Servings: 4
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Kalakand recipe is an instant sweet Indian Dessert recipe. We just need Paneer, sugar and few ingredients to make this delicious Instant Kalakand recipe. Learn how you can cook this delicious recipe at home.

Ingredients for Kalakand Recipe

Cooking Method for Instant Kalakand Recipe

  1. Heat Kadhai, add ¼ tablespoon ghee. Add cashews, roast until they turn light golden, take out and keep it aside.

  2. Now add milk to the kadhai, allow milk to boil on a medium flame.

  3. While waiting for milk to boil you use can this time to thin slice pista and almond. Split cashew into 2 slices. Grate/crumble paneer and keep it ready.

  4. Once milk is boiled, add crumbled paneer to it.

    I have used freshly prepared chenna or crumbled paneer. If you plan to use ready-made paneer then grate the paneer before adding to the milk.
  5. Keep boiling milk and paneer mixture on high flame. Let the milk reduce to half.

    Keep stirring and scrap milk stick to the kadhai with the help of spoon.
  6. At this stage add elaichi powder, kesar, kaju, badam, pista and ghee, and mix well. This helps to blend all flavours into milk and paneer mixture.

    Just keep some dry fruits for garnishing. Just some ghee to grease a plate to set kalakand burfi.
  7. When milk reduces, add sugar and mix well.

  8. Sugar has melted.

  9. Cook until sugar syrup and paneer mixture thickens. This helps to remove all the lemony flavour and taste from paneer.

  10. We got the consistency required for Kalakand Burfi. Isn't it looking mouthwatering?

  11. Now grease a plate (large enough to just fit Kalakand mixture) with some ghee and transfer kalakand mixture to the plate. Flatten with the help of spoon.

  12. Sprinkle badam, pista slices and place kaju slices on the top.

    Refrigerate for 2 hours and then cut into pieces if you want to enjoy chilled kalakand burfi. Well, if you can't wait as I wasn't able to, then no one is stopping you to have some spoons of hot kalakand before refrigeration. I had just filled a small bowl before refrigerating kalakand burfi. 😁
  13. Instant Kalakand Burfi recipe is ready to be served. I don't think we need any occasion to have this delicious dessert so try whenever you want.

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