How to prepare Gujarati Khandvi or Maharashtrian Surali Vadi Recipe

Surali Vadi | Gujrati Khandvi
Gujarati Khandvi or Maharashtrian Surali Vadi Recipe pinit

Khandvi or Surali Vadi is a famous recipe in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Khandvi or Surali Vadi are just different names given to one single amazing recipe. You will hear different names depending on where you are in India. Khandavi is a Gujarati name given to the recipe and Surali Vadi is what Maharashtrians call it. It is also known with some other names as Patuli or Paturi, Dahi Vadi etc. in other regions of India.

The name “Patuli” for this recipe is given because Khandvi is quite thin layered roll. And the word ‘patal’ means runny or something thin layered depending on the context or material. Hence the name to this Surali Vadi is given Patuli. Same goes for calling khandvi as “DahiVadi”, that’s because it is prepared using curd and “Dahi” is called curd in Hindi.

About Khandvi

Surali means rolling or something rolled up. Hence, the name to this recipe is Surali Vadi or Suralichi wadi, as most of us in Maharashtra call it. Gujarati Khandvi or Maharastrian Surali Vadi is a very soft and delicate snack prepared using besan (or gram flour). The yellow layer of besan is filled with fresh grated coconut and finely chopped coriander.

A batter with pouring consistency is prepared using besan (aka. chickpeas flour) and either using curd or buttermilk. I have used buttermilk directly to prepare this khandvi recipe. With perfect measurement, you can prepare Khandvi or Surali Vadi easily in pressure cooker which is the most effortless and easy method to cook khandvi at home.

Gujarati Khandvi or Maharashtrian Surali Vadi Recipe

You will find khandvi recipe in different shades of yellow colour, depending on the quantity of turmeric (haldi) used in the recipe. A lot of sweet shops in Maharashtra sell variation of this beautiful Surali Vadi (Khandvi).

Khandvi can be eaten without any sides but if you ask me, personally I love to enjoy this recipe with some mint chutney or coconut chutney as sides. So I suggest you to try and enjoy Khandvi with your favorite sides. I have left some chutney recipes suggestions at the end of this blog which can be served with Khandvi. You can try those simple recipes.

Khandvi generally doesn’t need to be served with sides. You can just pickup a khandvi roll and eat it. But having it with proper chutney sides enhances the taste of this snack recipe. And as I promised I am leaving some chutney recipe suggestions in case if you would like to try these chutney recipes to serve with Khandvi or Surali Vadi.

Khandvi Surali Vadi

You can serve this Coconut Chutney with Surali Vadi.

Or, another chutney recipe which goes really well with Khandvi is Spicy Peanuts Chutney.

You can also watch this video to know how to make Khandvi at home.

Don’t forget to leave a suggestion or feedback as I would love to see them. To check many more such tasty food recipes in video formats, please visit FoodQuench’s YouTube Channel.

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How to prepare Gujarati Khandvi or Maharashtrian Surali Vadi Recipe

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 20 min Total Time 25 mins
Servings: 10
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Gujarati Khandvi or Maharastrian Surali Vadi is a very soft and delicate snack prepared using besan (or gram flour) filled with coconut and coriander.


Ingredients for Surali Vadi or Khandvi

Ingredients of Tadka(Tempering) for Surali Vadi

Cooking method for Surali Vadi or Khandvi

Off On

  1. Add below ingredients to a stainless steel vessel.
    • Gram Flour (or besan)
    • Buttermilk
    • Turmeric
    • Grated Ginger and Chilli
    • Salt
    Khandi Surali Vadi
    I have provided the measurement in gms and ml for besan and buttermilk to prepare this khandvi recipe. However, if you don't have measuring cups / weighing scale then here is a simple tip for you. Use any cup, bowl, glass or anything to measure. The measurement should be 1 portion besan and 2 portions of buttermilk. For e.g. If you are using 1 bowl of besan then using same bowl just take 2 bowls of buttermilk.
  2. Whisk all the ingredients well and remove lumps if any. The batter consistency should be runny.

  3. Add some water to the pressure cooker and place a cooker ring inside of it. If you don't have ring then it's fine, just add water.

  4. Then place besan batter bowl inside the pressure cooker.

  5. Close the lid well and pressure cook for 3 whistles on medium flame.

    Khandvi Surali Vadi
  6. Later once pressure from cooker has normalized, take out the cooked batter and mix it really well.

    You can also watch the complete video to get the complete view of the process.
  7. Apply some oil on a tray or steel thali. Make sure to keep this tray ready in advance because khandvi batter thickens very quickly.

    Khandvi Surali Vadi
    You may need to keep two trays ready for mentioned quantity of khandvi mixture.
  8. Now place khandvi mixture and spread to form a thin or light medium layer quickly with a flat spatula.

    Khandvi Surali Vadi
  9. Once you have spread all mixture on tray or thali, then place line marks and sprinkle fresh grated coconut and finely chopped coriander.

    Khandvi Surali Vadi
  10. With the help of a knife, loosen the edge of thin layer carefully and roll.

    Khandvi Surali Vadi
  11. Look at the great texture and colour. Roll all khandvi or surali vadi similarly. Khandvi rolls are very soft, handle with care.

    Khandvi Surali Vadi
  12. Now let's prepare tempering to add on top of khandvi rolls.
    • Heat a kadhai and add oil to it.
    • Once oil is hot, add mustard seeds.
      Allow mustard seeds to splutter and add asafoetida to it.
    Khandvi Surali Vadi
  13. Later add split chillis and lastly few curry leaves to it and give a mix. Tadka for khandvi is ready.

    Khandvi Surali Vadi
  14. Finally pour prepared tadka all over the khandvis and it's ready to be served.

    Khandvi Surali Vadi
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