Malai Paneer Starter – Quick Protein Rich Paneer Starter

Super Simple Chilled Paneer Starter Recipe | Summer Special Protein Rich Malai Paneer Starter
Malai Paneer Starter Recipe pinit

Malai Paneer Starter is a very quick protein rich paneer starter recipe. It’s a super easy paneer starter recipe to cook at home which tastes amazing. This Paneer starter is a very healthy recipe to fulfil all our tastebuds.

This is a type of paneer starter which you may not generally find in the restaurants. At my home, this is mostly the recipe we cook when it comes to preparing paneer starters because it is really quick to prepare. And all credit goes to my sister for introducing this creamy and chilled paneer starter to me.

If you are paneer recipe lovers then I am sure you are going to love this Paneer Starter recipe. Because, this paneer starter is super simple to cook which doesn’t take long time and once it’s ready you will enjoy a bowl of paneer starter with nice and tasty cabbage salad.

I would say best time to enjoy this Malai Paneer Starter or simple paneer starter recipe is summers because it’s a chilled starter which keeps you cool in hot summer days.

This super simple paneer starter have some resemblance with Malai Paneer Tikka. However, it is completely different recipe which gives you an amazing taste.

Diet friendly Paneer Starter Recipe

Super simple Ingredients are used in this Malai Paneer starter. Simple ingredients make this Paneer starter a very interesting and a healthy recipe. The combination of veggies used in this paneer starter are cabbage, capsicum, tomato and onion. And if you know balanced diet rules, then all of these are healthy choices to include in your meals while you are on a diet too.

I have used just a table spoon of butter for this paneer starter recipe because it gives an amazing aroma and flavour to this Paneer Starter. However, if you want this paneer starter to be completely oil or butter free, use a non-stick pan to lightly cook them.

I have used cream in this recipe which is homemade malai. Malai means a layer of cream formed by heating milk. Use normal room temperature malai, because if malai or cream is too chilled and whisked it forms Makkhan (Indian White Butter). If your diet doesn’t permit to have Malai, you can skip adding it though. However, adding malai to Paneer starter gives it an awesome taste.

Malai Paneer Starter Recipe

Sources of Protein

Paneer and curd are good source of protein for vegetarians.

I referred this Malai Paneer Starter as a protein rich Paneer starter. So I must provide some information here about how it is a protein rich paneer starter. Paneer is really good source of Protein because 100 gms of Paneer would give you 23-25 gms of protein. Also, I have used Curd to prepare this paneer starter and curd gives 11 gms of protein per 100 gms.

So with all these combinations, we can say this Malai Paneer starter is a quick Protein rich starter.

A mouth-watering Salad with Malai Paneer Starter

Simple yet very tasty Paneer starter with a super simple salad to serve with. This is a super easy cabbage salad which goes really well with Malai Paneer starter recipe. We just have to use shredded cabbage and few spices to make this mouth-watering cabbage salad recipe. You can read through the blog to know complete recipe to make quick cabbage salad at home.

I have another cabbage salad recipe explained in Paneer Tikka recipe which you may like to visit.

Looking for More Paneer Recipes?

If you love paneer starters, check the recipe for restaurant styled but homemade Paneer Tikka cooked without Tandoor. If you would like to see this recipe in video format, then here is the YouTube Video for Paneer Tikka recipe.

Paneer Tikka

Paneer recipes are very common in north India, this Kaju Malai Paneer Recipe is from north India and you are going to love it.

Kaju Malai Paneer

Here is a 2 ingredients soft paneer recipe, using this recipe you can cook super soft paneer at home which can be used for any recipes.

Supersoft paneer recipe

Prefer to watch videos? You can watch Malai Paneer Starter Recipe on FoodQuench’s YouTube Channel too.

Malai Paneer Starter – Quick Protein Rich Paneer Starter

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 20 min Total Time 30 mins
Servings: 4
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Very simple paneer starter recipe to cook at home. This Malai Paneer starter recipe doesn't need any tandoor and can be cooked in Pan (Tawa). We just need to shallow fry veggies and paneer for this paneer starter.

Paneer Starter Ingredients

Ingredients of Malai Paneer Starter

Ingredients of Cabbage Salad

Step by Step Cooking Method for Malai Paneer Starter

Off On

  1. Paneer Cubes and Vegetables Chunks

    Cut paneer into cubes or any shape you like. Cut tomato and capsicum into medium-big chunks. Also, thin slice onion.

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
  2. Cut cabbage for Paneer Starter

    Shred cabbage into long thin slices.

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
  3. Prepare Curd for Malai Paneer Starter

    Add curd to a mixing bowl and add salt & sugar to it. 

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
  4. Whisk Curd

    Whisk curd and mix well until curd is smooth.

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
  5. Fresh Cream (Homemade Malai)

    Mix malai with spoon and add it to curd. Use malai kept at room temperature.

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
  6. Mix Malai

    Add mixed malai to curd and mix it well. And then keep smoothened curd in fridge until we roast veggies and paneer. 

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
  7. Roast Capsicum

    Heat a pan (tawa) and cook capsicum chunks on medium flame. Apply some butter on all the capsicum chunks .

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
  8. Just Lightly Cook

    Don't over cook capsicum. Light roast in butter but make sure to keep it crunchy.

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
  9. Roast Tomatoes

    Apply some butter on tomato pieces too and light roast it. Don't make tomatoes soft otherwise it ruins the recipe.

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
  10. Add Vegetables to Curd

    Add sliced cabbage and onion slices to curd.  Also add roasted capsicum and tomato pieces. Make sure capsicum & tomato pieces have cooled down and not hot. 

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
  11. Mix

    Mix all the ingredients and then keep it in fridge until paneer cubes are roasted.

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
  12. Shallow fry Paneer Cubes

    Place paneer cubes on tawa and apply butter on all paneer cubes.

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
  13. Flip over Paneer Cubes

    Turn the paneer sides and shallow fry paneer on both side until they turn light crisp and golden in colour.

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
  14. Roasted Paneer Cubes

    Take out paneer cubes once they are nicely roasted.  Allow paneer cubes to cool down.

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
  15. Add Spices

    Add paneer cubes to the veggies mixed curd. Then add freshly crushed black pepper powder to the paneer and curd.

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
    Use fresh black pepper powder to give nice flavour to Malai Paneer Starter.
  16. Prepare Cabbage Salad

    Add long thin sliced cabbage to mixing bowl. And then add red chilli powder, chaat masala, salt and lemon juice.

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
  17. Cabbage Salad Ready

    Just mix all ingredients with forks light handedly. 

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
  18. Serve Malai Paneer Starter and Cabbage Salad

    Add malai paneer starter and cabbage salad to a serving plate. This Malai Paneer Starter with cabbage salad makes an amazing combination.

    Malai Paneer Starter Recipe
    Try this creamy & chilled protein rich Malai Paneer Starter recipe at home and enjoy amazing Paneer starter which keeps you full. 
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