Mango Lassi – A Summer drink not to miss

Mango Flavoured Yoghurt Drink | Refreshing Cool Mango Lassi
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A special beverage Mango Lassi is a must drink in summers. Don’t miss this cool and very refreshing Mango Lassi better than any restaurant styled Lassi. Mango is my favourite fruit and I am sure it is for most of you too.

This Mango Lassi is cool and very refreshing drink for hot summer days. Preparing any lassi just takes 5 to 10 minutes and then you are ready to have a chilled beverage at home on hot summer days.

Lassi and its Origin

Lassi is a regional name given to a beverage recipe from Indian subcontinent which is prepared from Dahi (curd or yoghurt). It is blend of curd and water with some other ingredients chosen based on if it’s sweet lassi, salted lassi or fruit flavoured lassi.

Lassi is very famous drink in North Indian regions and especially in Punjab. It’s one of the must beverage we order when we are done with our main course meals in restaurants and of course a meal is incomplete if you miss out to order Punjabi lassi.

Traditional Punjabi Lassi was plain sweet yoghurt drink served with malai. But when people started exploring and experimenting recipes, different lassie flavours came to light.

How to serve Mango Lassi?

To serve a mango lassi or any lassi, here are some choices depending on how we want to present it.

If we want lassi to be more presentable and cherishing, then the best way to serve Lassi, Chaas, etc. are using:

  1. Traditional mitti (Clay) glasses
  2. Glass tumblers

This way Lassi looks more beautiful and a person who is going to have it is definitely going to admire you.

Just one tip or advise is that when we use mitti or clay glass or pots to serve lassi, then these clay vessels should be washed with hot water after use.

Restaurant Styled Mango Lassi at home

Varieties of Lassi

You can prepare many lassi varieties like plain sweet lassi, malai lassi, salted lassi, kesar pista lassi, gulkand lassi, mint lassi and many more. Main base ingredients for all types of lassi are same which is curd and sugar. To make lassi flavourful, one just need to add flavours of fruits or dry fruits etc.

Mango Lassi at home

I have explained how to prepare Mango lassi or mango flavoured yoghurt drink which tastes the best. And if you love mangoes, then you are definitely going to love this mango flavoured yoghurt or mango lassi too.

When mango season arrives, I think preparing mango dishes is like a must for me and I am sure most of you love to eat mangoes. And why not, as Mango is called King of Fruits. I have used readymade alphonso mango pulp to prepare this mango lassi at home because my Mango Lassi video shooting was done during Mangoes off season. However, you can prepare lassi using fresh mangoes pulp too. In case you are using fresh mangoes for making lassie, quantity of sugar needs to be increased because most of readymade mango pulp contain added sugar.

Try to use alphonso mangoes, as they taste great. If mango pulp is sour then lassi won’t taste good and we have to add more sugar. So choosing good mangoes or mango pulp is very important to prepare tasty mango lassi.

Also make sure you don’t use sour curd to prepare any lassi recipes.

Prefer to watch videos? You can watch Mango Lassi recipe on FoodQuench’s YouTube Channel too.

For more vegetarian recipes, have a look at our FoodQuench’s recipes page. To check many more such tasty food recipes, you may also visit FoodQuench’s YouTube Channel.

Mango Lassi – A Summer drink not to miss

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 5 min Total Time 10 mins
Servings: 4
Best Season: Summer


Mango Lassi is a must drink in summers. Don't miss this cool and very refreshing Mango Lassi better than any restaurant styled lassi.

Ingredients for Mango Lassi

Cooking method for Mango Lassi or Mango Flavoured Yoghurt

Off On

  1. Add curd and alphonso mango pulp to grinder jar.

    Restaurant Styled Mango Lassi at home
    You can use grinder jar or electric blender.
  2. Then add sugar and salt. 

    • Readymade mango pulp is used in this recipe which already contains added sugar. So, if you are using fresh mangoes you may need to add more sugar.
    •  Adding few pinches of salt to lassi is important as it balances taste of sweet. 
    Restaurant Styled Mango Lassi at home
  3. Blend for a minute or less until all ingredients are well mixed. And it's ready.

    Restaurant Styled Mango Lassi at home
  4. Time to serve

    First add few table spoons of mango pulp at the base. Then pour prepared Mango Lassi into the glass.

    • Mango pulp which we added at the base of glass should be very chilled.
    • When you use fresh mango pulp it will be thicker than readymade pulp which makes this recipe mind-blowing.
    Restaurant Styled Mango Lassi at home
  5. Add thin sliced pista, almonds and cherry on top. 

    Cherry will settle down at bottom in very lesser time. So you can cut cherry in smaller pieces and add on top of lassi. 

    Restaurant Styled Mango Lassi at home
  6. Serve this very refreshing chilled Mango Lassi to your loved once and enjoy your summers.

    Restaurant Styled Mango Lassi at home
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