Poha Recipe – Palak Paneer Diet Poha

Palak Paneer Poha | Spinach Poha Recipe | Diet Poha Recipe
Palak Paneer Poha Recipe pinit

Poha recipe is a very healthy food to start our day and a quick recipe too to prepare for breakfast. In India, traditional poha is famous in two variations – Kanda Poha and Batata Poha. Kanda poha is prepared using onions (aka. kanda) and batata poha is cooked using potatoes (aka. batata).

I am an all time poha lover but I don’t really like kanda poha as much as I love to eat batata poha. I love to have batata poha by adding some peas and peanuts to it. As I don’t feel good to start my day with onion or garlic cooked foods, so I always choose batata poha over kanda poha for breakfasts.

The recipe in this blog is a variation to traditional way of making poha recipe. This is a simple poha recipe for breakfasts, yet cooked considering diet rules in mind. I call this new variation of Poha as Palak Paneer Poha or Paneer Poha recipe. For our English readers, let’s call this recipe as Spinach and Cottage Cheese tossed Rice flakes. 😄

Palak Paneer Poha Recipe

Is Palak Paneer Poha Recipe healthy?

I have designed this Palak Paneer Poha by keeping all nutritional facts in mind. Honestly, I never thought about making any variation to batata poha before. But as I tried and prepared this healthy recipe, it turned out really great. The ingredients used in this Poha recipe make this recipe a super healthy one. This recipe has palak (spinach), paneer (cottage cheese), potatoes, peas and other spices, all have their own health benefits.

If you are looking for a healthy breakfast recipe, then this paneer poha is a perfect recipe for you. Because it fulfils your required amount of daily nutritional values. The green spinach and paneer contain good amount of daily vitamins and minerals required for our body.

I have added Paneer or cottage cheese in this Poha which gives us good amount of protein. This makes spinach and cottage paneer poha a healthy diet recipe. This palak paneer poha or cottage cheese spinach poha also keeps you full, a good start of the day.

Most of the times, I cook paneer recipe at home because it turns out super soft without using any additional ingredients. You can also cook paneer at home very easily and it will turn out amazingly soft.

Homemade Soft Paneer

If you like Paneer recipes, I suggest you also visit FoodQuench’s YouTube channel.

Poha Recipe – Palak Paneer Diet Poha

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 20 min Total Time 30 mins
Servings: 2
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


This palak paneer poha is a super healthy diet recipe as it has palak, paneer and potatoes, peas and other nice spices. Try this recipe to cook paneer poha recipe easily at home.

Ingredients of Palak Paneer Poha Recipe

Cooking Method for Palak Paneer Poha Recipe

  1. Rinse Poha

    Rinse poha with water 2 to 3 times until water runs clear and keep it aside with just little water. So poha will rise and becomes fluffy.

    Palak Paneer Poha Recipe
  2. Shallow fry (roast) Paneer

    Just add a few drops of oil or ghee to the non-stick kadhai or pan and place paneer pieces into it. Cook until nicely roasted on one side. Later turn side and roast as needed based on how crispy paneer you like.

    Palak Paneer Poha Recipe
    I felt roasting paneer this way is easier. Because cutting into small or medium chunks and arranging every paneer piece to roast well on both sides is bit time consuming.
  3. Well Roasted Paneer

    I have roasted paneer from both the side and it is now crispy enough. 

    Palak Paneer Poha Recipe
    Allow paneer to cool down a bit and carefully handle and cut into pieces.
  4. Cut into pieces

    Cut paneer into pieces of shape and size as you like. 

    Palak Paneer Poha Recipe
    When paneer is hot, it's quite difficult to cut it and it might break. However, I have cut paneer carefully when it was almost hot because I was in hurry.
  5. Tadka Preparation

    Just add little oil, and add mustard seeds into the pan when oil becomes hot.

    Allow mustard seeds to crackle and then add urad dal, peanuts and grated ginger. Shallow fry all these ingredients for a minute or until they are lightly roasted.

    Nice flavour from urad dal makes poha even more tastier. 

    Palak Paneer Poha Recipe
    Urad dal and ginger give nice taste and flavour to poha recipe, don't skip these.
  6. Add veggies

    Now add turmeric powder, green chilli, medium sliced potato pieces, peas and give it a mix.

    Palak Paneer Poha Recipe
  7. Add other ingredients

    Then next step is to add 1/4 tsp salt and give it a mix. Cover with lid and cook on low to medium flame until potatoes become soft. Salt helps potatoes to become soft. 

    Palak Paneer Poha Recipe
    If cooking on medium flame - check few times to avoid veggies from burning.
  8. Add Spinach to Veggies

    Now add chopped spinach to potato and peas mixture. 

    Palak Paneer Poha Recipe
    Cut spinach as you prefer. I have chopped spinach into thin long pieces to make it effortless.
  9. Add Paneer and Rice flakes

    Now its time to add soaked poha and roasted paneer pieces to it and give a mix.

    Palak Paneer Poha Recipe
  10. Add flavour to Palak Paneer Poha

    Add 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp black pepper powder and give it a mix. Cover and let it cook for 7-8 minutes for nice hot steamed poha.

    Palak Paneer Poha Recipe
  11. The finishing touch

    Finally when palak paneer poha is ready, squeeze some lemon juice and serve hot and super healthy poha recipe prepared in a new way.

    Palak Paneer Poha Recipe
  12. Serve

    Enjoy this tasty Palak Paneer Diet Poha Recipe and stay healthy.

    Palak Paneer Poha Recipe
    Leave your feedback and comments if you liked the recipe. 😊
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