Imli Candy – Sweet and Tangy Tamarind Candy Sticks

Imli Candy or Lollipop Recipe | Khatti Meethi Imli ki Goli Recipe | Tamarind Sticks or Candy Recipe
Chatpati Imli Candy Recipe pinit

I am going to share one of the best recipes from my childhood memories in this blog, which is Imli Candy recipe. Alternate names for this can be Tamarind Candy, sweet and tangy tamarind sticks and imli lollipop. You can call this tamarind candy as “khatti meethi imli ki goliyan” in Hindi.

These tiny tamarind candy balls look really pretty and taste amazing. These candies turn out very flavourful and that too just with very minimal spices. We often use tamarind or imli in many recipes at my home and recipes cooked using tamarind tastes really nice.

There are some other regular recipes that we cook by adding imli – Dal (known as Aamti in Marathi), Onion Chutney, Bhindi Chutney also known as Bhendich Kayiras and Karela Chutney which is known as Karal Panchamruta. Aamti cooked using tamarind is very famous in Maharashtrian regions which is known as Chincha Gulachi Aamti that means Dal cooked using tamarind and Jaggery.

Chatpati Imli Candy Recipe

Childhood Khatti Meethi Imli Lollipop or Tamarind Candy Balls

Tamarind candy is one of the best food I enjoyed with my siblings and cousins during summers when we were kids. Tamarind candies are the tiny shaped balls made using tamarind. This is one of the great recipes which I learned from my Mom. Whoever created this tamarind lollipop or tamarind candy recipe deserves a hats-off because this recipe is really awesome.

I have showed to prepare tamarind lollipop or imli lollipop recipe using a grinder. However, one can prepare this imli ki goliyan using traditional granite pestal mortar (stone grinder) too. We as kids used to gather ingredients from everyone’s home and as a team prepared these imli ki goliyan using stone grinder.

Let’s see now how we can easily prepare this tasty Imli Candy recipe at home. For many more such delicious recipes, visit FoodQuench’s recipe page.

Prefer to watch videos? You can watch Chatpati Imli ki Goli Recipe on FoodQuench’s YouTube Channel too.

Imli Candy – Sweet and Tangy Tamarind Candy Sticks

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 5 min Total Time 10 mins
Servings: 7
Best Season: Summer


Mouth-watering tiny tamarind candy balls or imli candy sticks which taste very nice and tangy. Learn how you can cook this tasty candy recipe at home.

Ingredients of Khatti Meethi Imli Candy or Sweet and Tangy Tamarind Candy Sticks

Step by step method to prepare Imli Candy

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  1. Clean tamarind

    Remove seeds and clean it.

    Chatpati Imli Candy Recipe
  2. Add Spices

    Add below ingredients to grinder jar.

    • Tamarind
    • Chilli powder
    • Cumin seeds
    • Garlic
    • Salt
    Chatpati Imli Candy Recipe
  3. Add jaggery

    Now add jaggery but make sure to crush the jaggery before adding to the grinder. Otherwise it becomes difficult to grind. 

    Chatpati Imli Candy Recipe
  4. Grind and mix

    Grind all ingredients, mix well and grind again if needed. All ingredients should mix together into a coarse paste.

    Chatpati Imli Candy Recipe
  5. Imli candy mixture

    Imli candy mixture is ready. Now let's make candies.

    Chatpati Imli Candy Recipe
  6. Roll Imli Candy Balls

    Take small portion of imli mixture and roll it well. Make nice round balls from imli mixture.

    Chatpati Imli Candy Recipe
  7. Tuck Imli Candy Balls to skewers

    Tuck the imli candy balls prepared on wooden skewers. Roll the imli candy balls in salt and Imli Lollipop is ready.

    Chatpati Imli Candy Recipe
    If possible use ice cream sticks because wooden skewers won't have a good grip.
  8. Arrange Imli Sticks or Tamarind Candy Balls

    Arrange tamarind candy balls in a serving plate.

    Chatpati Imli Candy Recipe
  9. Mouth-watering Imli Candy

    Try this delicious and mouth-watering imli candy recipe and you will be amazed. Garlic, cumin and chilli powder enhances the taste of Khatti Meethi Imli candy.

    Chatpati Imli Candy Recipe
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