Quick Vegetable Sandwich Recipe | Club Cheese Veg Sandwich Recipe in just 20 minutes

Vegetables Club Cheese Sandwich Recipe in 20 minutes | How to make Easiest No Cook Sandwich Recipe
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Sandwich recipes are favourite breakfast or evening snacks for most of us. Everywhere around the world we can see plenty of varieties of sandwiches in stores which are packaged and ready to eat. If we can prepare tasty sandwich recipes easily at home, in just a few minutes, then why should we eat a packaged sandwich?

I prefer to start my day with healthy food like dry fruits, simple fresh fruits or similar healthy choices and quench my thirst with pure fruit juices. However, like most of you, I sometimes like to have sandwich recipes as morning breakfast or as an evening snack. My preferred ideal recipe for morning breakfast is the one which is quick to prepare and of course healthy at the same time.

So here is one such recipe, Club Cheese Veg Sandwich recipe, that you can cook in just 20 minutes and is one of my favourite sandwich recipe which I thought to share with you via this blog.

Veg Club Cheese Sandwich

Club Cheese Sandwich is my “the favourite” sandwich recipe because it tastes amazing even with simple choice of veggies and because of its softness. You can call this sandwich recipe by any names aka Club cheese sandwich, veg cheese sandwich or non-grilled veg sandwich.

Anyone can prepare this simple club sandwich just in 20 minutes and without much efforts. This club sandwich tastes great when prepared using fresh bread and cheese. I have used combination of tomato, cucumber and boiled potatoes to make this sandwich tastier and healthier. There are not much spices used for this veg club sandwich recipe and only things used here are mint chutney, chaat masala and black pepper powder which makes the sandwich very flavourful.

I have used regular white bread for this club cheese sandwich. However, you can use whole wheat bread to make it even more healthier. But in that case, I will suggest you to grill this veg club sandwich or toast it on Tawa for best results if you choose whole wheat bread.

Lastly, if you want this sandwich to be vegan suitable then skip adding cheese and there you are with your Vegan Club Sandwich recipe as rest of the ingredients for this sandwich are vegan friendly.

Let’s check the step by step process to prepare Club Cheese Sandwich Recipe.

You can also watch this complete video on YouTube for preparing Veg Club Cheese Sandwich.

Do give this easy and quick sandwich recipe a try. I would love to see your feedback and your recipe pics on social media, post those by tagging @FoodQuench.

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Quick Vegetable Sandwich Recipe | Club Cheese Veg Sandwich Recipe in just 20 minutes

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 10 min Total Time 20 mins
Servings: 2
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Club cheese veg sandwich recipe is one of the easy and quickest recipe for sandwich lovers and for the people who are in hurry. This is a vegetable sandwich recipe packed with lots of cheese and goodness of vegetables. Try this recipe and prepare delicious sandwich in just 20 minutes.

Ingredients for Club Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Cooking method of Club Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Off On

  1. Slice tomato, cucumber and boiled potatoes into thin to medium slices.

  2. Cut sides of bread.

    Club Cheese Veg Sandwich
    You can store these bread sides and prepare bread crumbs using these at home.
  3. Arrange bread slices and apply green chutney (mint and chilli chutney, as per your preferred spiciness).

  4. Arrange tomato slices on bread slices.

    Club Cheese Veg Sandwich
  5. Then goes a layer of cucumber slices.

    Club Cheese Veg Sandwich
  6. Last layer of veggies by adding boiled potato slices.

    You can use other vegetables as well if you like.
  7. Then sprinkle some salt, black pepper powder and chaat masala.

    Club Cheese Veg Sandwich
  8. Finally goes cheese - grate cheese on bread slices.

    Club Cheese Veg Sandwich
  9. Make sure to apply mint chutney on top bread slice too.

    Club Cheese Veg Sandwich
  10. Cover the stuffing filled slices with top bread slice, applied with mint chutney.

    Club Cheese Veg Sandwich
  11. Cut the sandwich into any shape you like and serve this Club Cheese Sandwich with tomato ketchup.

  12. Look at this tasty Veg Club Cheese Sandwich, YUMMY! I am sure this will become one of your favorites too. Only thing is to make sure you use fresh bread with right proportion of veggies and spices.

    Club Cheese Veg Sandwich
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