Leftover Chole Paratha Recipe

Delicious Leftover Chole Masala Paratha Recipe | Make Masala Parathas from Leftover Pindi Chole
Leftover Pindi Chole Paratha pinit

Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha is very quick and tasty recipe which is cooked using leftover Pindi Chole masala. We just need leftover Pindi Chole (or any leftover chole masala, if you don’t have Pindi Chole), a few ingredients to prepare dough and that’s it.

I haven’t used any additional spices to prepare Chole Paratha, because the leftover Pindi Chole already contains all the spices to make the paratha tasty. But, if you like you can use cheese for garnishing or can mix cheese when preparing the masala.

A story about making Chole Paratha from Leftover Pindi Chole

Making this Pindi Chole Masala Paratha Recipe is not time consuming at all and can be prepared just within half an hour.

Though I prefer to prepare fresh food most of the times. But, there would be some times we can’t avoid with leftover food. Reasons may be anything, we weren’t hungry or we had food from outside etc.

I had some Pindi Chole leftover from previous day. So, I was thinking about how to finish that. If I had to plan that for lunch then Pindi Chole weren’t sufficient for all. So, I just decided to use leftover Pindi Chole for breakfast instead of lunch. But, then I din’t want that to have with just plain roti and I was looking for something else to be prepared out of the leftover Pindi Chole.

Finally, idea of making Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha worked out and the outcome of that was excellent. The color of chole masala mixture was fantastic and as a by-product paratha’s colour also turned amazing.

Don’t eat leftover Pindi Chole or Chole Masala with plain roti, phulke or rice. Make it interesting and prepare this Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha. You will love this tasty and delicious Chole Masala Paratha prepared from leftover Pindi Chole. Though you can use any Chole masala to make parathas but Pindi Chole taste the best due to its richness of spices. Check my other recipe to learn about how to cook Pindi Chole Masala at home.

Punjabi Pindi Chole

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Leftover Chole Paratha Recipe

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 25 min Total Time 30 mins Servings: 4


Make super delicious chole masala paratha from leftover pindi chole. If you love Chole masala or pindi chole then you would love Chole Paratha as well.

Ingredients For Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha Recipe

Cooking method for Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha Recipe

  1. Add wheat flour, salt and ghee to a mixing bowl. Mix well and add water as required to form dough. Cover it and keep it aside until chole masala filling for paratha is ready.

    Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha
  2. Transfer leftover pindi chole to grinder and make fine puree by adding just little water.

    Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha
  3. Heat a kadhai / vessel and add pindi chole puree to the kadhai. Cook on medium flame until all the water evaporates and thick mixture is formed.

    Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha
  4. Thick masala mixture is ready, turn off the flame. Add finely chopped coriander to it and mix well.

    Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha
  5. Divide this chole masala mixture into equal portions and make round shaped balls.

    Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha
  6. Now take a portion of atta / dough and roll it out to get round shape (just the way we roll out rotis / chapatis).

    Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha
  7. At this stage take one portion of Chole masala mixture stuffing, place on rolled dough and stick the edges together.

    Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha
  8. Nicely stuffed mixture dough ball is ready.

    Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha
  9. Sprinkle some wheat flour and roll out stuffed mixture balls to medium thickness.

    Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha
  10. Heat the pan and once it gets hot, then place paratha on it. Cook from one side, flip it over and apply ghee. Similarly cook on the other side of paratha too.

    Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha
  11. Nice golden color and crisp textured hot Pindi Chole Masala Paratha is ready. Similarly, cook all the remaining parathas.

    Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha
  12. Share this hot Chole Masala Parathas with your loved ones, they are going to like it. This super delicious Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha can be served with pickle, chutney, curd or anything you like. Enjoy 😊!

    Leftover Pindi Chole Masala Paratha
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